You need an online presence?
With us you get everything from a single source, starting with the website / online store to the appropriate marketing strategies, so that your customers also become aware of you.


Not only beautiful but also future proof websites

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  1. Webdesign

    Web design is a big umbrella term, but our focus is on creating forward thinking & most importantly secure websites.

  2. Page structures

    Organized & clean page structures are incredibly important for the overview of your entire website and the goal of each individual page.

  3. UI Design

    An appealing and clean design represents your company and at the same time reflects your values.

  4. UX Design

    A good user experience gives your customers a good overview, a clear & functional layout of your website.

  5. Copywriting

    Not all text is the same! At the same time, that is the most important thing on a website. With the right copy we pick up the customer directly.

  6. Responsiv Development

    Approximately 60% of all website visitors use their smartphone to search, so all of our pages are automatically mobile optimized at no extra cost.

  7. Page speed optimization

    When you visit a website, you want to access it directly, without everlasting loading times. We achieve this with the right systems.

  8. Automations

    We create automated processes so you only have to worry about the essentials & everything else happens automatically.

  9. SEO

    With the right SEO strategy (search engine optimization) you will land on page 1 in Google searches.

  10. Re-Design

    The re-design includes a complete overhaul of the website to provide a better user experience and improve the brand image.

Online stores

Online stores that not only exist but also perform

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  1. Woocommerce Store

    Depending on the customer's needs, we build stores either on Woocommerce or on the popular Shopify platform.

  2. Shopify Store

    Depending on the customer's needs, we build stores either on Woocommerce or on the popular Shopify platform.

  3. Inventory management

    Automatic notifications when the stock level is too low.

  4. Payment methods

    All payment methods commonly used by us are fully supported.

  5. Store statistics

    This means you always have all the latest figures, data & facts at your fingertips.

  6. Email dispatch

    Automatic outgoing email for all incoming orders.


Secure WordPress websites should be standard ...

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  1. Security gaps

    We close known security gaps and open your eyes or make you aware of them before it is too late.

  2. Maleware scan

    If there are security vulnerabilities on your website, it is very easy for third parties to infiltrate malware. We regularly check and clean your website.

  3. Bot blocking

    There are countless bots on the internet that want to attack your site. With automated bot detection we block all traffic & keep your site clean.

  4. IP blocking

    Your site will be fully monitored 24/7 and will automatically block IP addresses that try to perform unusual actions/activities on your site.

  5. Firewall

    We set up a completely customized firewall according to your needs. IP Withlisting & Blocklist.

  6. Securtiy Headers

    With Security Headers, we add another layer of security to your site to prevent malicious redirects/involvements.

  7. URL Redirects

    We forward various URL queries like: Admin or Author queries automatically or block these queries.

  8. Securtiy Keys / 2FA

    All our websites are secured with the latest security standards. Among other things, we use 2FA & security keys.


FB, Google & TikTok Ads for ongoing customer streams

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  1. Facebook Ads

    We manage your Facebook & Instagram ads so that new customers/leads are constantly coming in.

  2. Google Ads

    We manage your Google & YouTube ads so that new customers/leads are constantly coming in.

  3. TikTok Ads

    We manage your TikTok ads so that new customers/leads are constantly coming in.

  4. Funnel strategies

    With the right funnel strategy, we guide your customers through an automated onboarding/sales process.


Analytics & Visitor Flow Tracking

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  1. Google Analytics 4

    We set up Google Analytis completely so that you get the right data & insights.

  2. Facebook Tracking

    We set up the Facebook Pixel for you and set up events for you incl. event prioritization and much more.

  3. Google Tag Manager

    We will set up the Google Tag Manager for you, depending on your requirements, so that everything is connected correctly.

  4. CAPI Tracking

    Since many browsers nowadays automatically block cookies, we are happy to set up server-side tracking with CAPI so that you don't have to miss out on any data.