Completely new website for a coaching network

  • Webdesign
  • Branding & Corporate Design
  • Definition page structure
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Responsiv Development
  • Page speed optimization
  • Security / Firewall
  • Visitor tracking
  • Google Analytics 4
  • FB Pixel Tracking
  • SEO

Here you get a more detailed insight into the project of Priceless-Network!

It all started with a personal meeting in Frankfurt am Main (DE 🇩🇪).
After several and longer conversations Frank told me about Priceless-Network and it must be said, at that time there was already a website, but I say so and I may say so: It would have been better if there had been no site yet, because the old site had various problems, such as:

  • Various malfunctions
  • Completely confusing page structure
  • No security certificates
  • Loading times, beyond good and bad
  • Bad user experience
  • And much more (I do not want to list everything)

But that you also get a short insight into the old site, I have uploaded a few screenshots here.

Here you can see the old start page (home page).

Other pages like this were for example: not working at all…

But let’s talk about the good things…

After long, intensive discussions, this website was created, and it plays more pieces than Frank ever hoped for.

If you want to visit the site in real life, go here:

Since Priceless-Network is a network of different coaches and mentors, each coach got his own landing page, which can be edited by Priceless-Network at any time.

Here you can see an example based on Nina Haßler.

Since each coach also offers its own products, each has also received an individual product page, where you can also buy directly.

Here you can see a product page from Frank Hoppe, with the product: My Priceless Me.
All texts & content can be customized by Priceless-Network.

Not to be forgotten are also the events.

All events can be created & customized individually.
In addition, everything is automated to the extent that when someone signs up for the event, the emails are sent automatically.

Here you can see the respective event page where one can register.

In this case, by Corina Symanzig with her Instagram LIVE.

Priceless-Network has received all this and much more from us.

The best way to get an overview yourself is to visit the website.
Here you can go directly to the platform of Priceless-Network:

Many thanks for the successful cooperation so far.
Further projects with Priceless-Network are already planned.

Thank you very much

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