Alexmade-Media NEW

Complete re-design & new branding for Alexmade-Media

  • Re-Design
  • Branding & Corporate Design
  • Definition page structure
  • Responsiv Development
  • Security / Firewall
  • Google Analytics 4
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Page speed optimization

Here you can see an additional overview of the new design from us

With the new website, a modern fresh design was extremely important to us, that stands out from the crowd out there. And with these colors & design we definitely achieved that.

But just because the site looks good, doesn’t mean that the site is really good. The design makes the first impression, of course, but for us, it is even more important how the site was set up and what systems and programs were used for the development.

By using the right programs, we are of course able to get the best performance out of the site. Here you can see a detailed insight into our page performance:

Because all that, which mostly nobody sees at first sight, is what makes a website in the first place.

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