Alexander Beutl

Get to know me better ...

  • Travel Enthusiast

    I love to get to know new countries/cultures and customs. The associated experiences enriches my life every day anew.

  • Road trips

    My biggest passion is to drive thousands of kilometers by car through various countries & to stop often and enjoy the view.

  • Entrepreneur

    I am the happiest person when I can help someone with my knowledge so that it lifts his socks.

  • Love crazy things

    When someone comes to me, or I myself have a crazy idea, I am the first to say YES, where everyone else would say NO.

  • Nature lover

    In nature, especially in the mountains and forests, I feel very comfortable and get the most energy there. In winter it is then skiing in the mountains.

  • Little technology nerd

    No matter if computer, smartphone or software tools = I love it & that's why it always remains a passion and not just a profession. By the way a little Apple  fanboy.

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